Bag Packing Machine Dry/Powder/Granule


  • Reasonable arrangement of push buttons on the control panel provides simple operation
  • Changing forming-tube be accomplished in minutes
  • Simple in mechanical construction makes it for easy operation. The machine is made of high standard of Aluminum Alloy and other Anti-Corrosive material
  • Exclusive design of Side-Sealing System makes it possible of Air-Tight sealing


Model MM07
 Filling product Granule, Powder
 Packing type Pillow, gusset crease, three/four side, delta tetrahedral
 Packing material OPP/PE,AL foil & other laminated foil
 Packing size W60-220mm*L80-300mm
 Packing speed 30~80 bag/min
 Packer size L1200mm*W900mm*H1350mm
 Packer weight 200g~1kg
 Power 220V 3phase 50/60Hz
 Compressed air 5~6Kg/cm3

Examples of package materials