PS2000 - Delta(S)

Bag Packing Machine Dry/Powder/Granule



It is an ideal triangle packaging bag for filling snack, sugar, salt, rice, starch, spice, coffee powder and coffee bean, thin granule stuff and powder materials.


  • Compact driving system.
  • Computerized & control system combined with finger-touch screen has simplified operation, is designed for low power consumption, cheap material application, easy maintenance and durable structure.
  • Equipped with the new technology that ensures easy control.
  • Bag length will be detected by sensor and scanner.
  • Applied a highly effective servorized-driver that accurately controls the speed of sealing and cam-motion.


Model PS2000 - Delta(S)
Filling product  Granule, Powder
Packing type  Pillow, three/four side, delta tetrahedral
Packing material  OPP/PE,AL foil & other laminated foil
Packing size  W30-80mm*L45-120mm
Packing speed  40-70 bags/min
Packer size  L125*W75*H120cm
Packer weight  249 Kgs
Power  220V 3phase 50/60Hz
Compressed air 5~6Kg/cm3

Examples of package materials